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    What is a hemp wrap?

    A common question that often comes up is, “what are hemp wraps?” Essentially, they are thin hemp sheets made of various cannabis Sativa L and intended to be filled with your desired product for smoking purposes.

    Are hemp wraps unhealthy?

    Hemp paper cones are considered to be non-toxic. Since hemp wraps contain no additives, preservatives, or any harmful chemicals, they are considered to be a healthier option than other blunt and joint wraps.

    How many wraps come in a box?

    We offer multiple sizes of hemp box wraps that will benefit various needs. Check out the quantity options of our box of wraps at our Shop.

    What makes your hemp wraps different?

    Our 100% herbal wrap, along with premium glass tips, results in a smooth smoking experience that you can’t find anywhere else. We do not simply manufacture your average twisted hemp wraps, but the best blunt pre-rolls in the industry.  Which is why we believe even the most seasoned cone smoker will certify that the best blunt wraps 2022 and beyond are made by BLUNTD.

    Do you offer BLUNTD hemp wraps near me?

    If you live in the U.S. and there are no particular state laws prohibiting the sale and/or purchase of cannabis related products in your state, then you can simply order from our website. Through our simple and fast shipping process, we can then deliver to your location.

    Where can I buy pre-roll cones and hemp wraps?

    Not sure where to buy pre-rolled cones or which pack of cones to choose? See our Shop where we offer different box sets of hemp wraps and pre-roll cones for every need.